Wild caught 1 head sa abalone

 Our VIP Exclusive 1 Head Wild Caught South Africa Abalone, is highly sought after and limited in stock each year.

Drained Weight 400g | Retail Price $188


farmed 3 head SA abalone

Our Exclusive 3 Head South Africa Abalone is considered one of the biggest farmed abalone size in the Singapore Market.

Drained Weight 180g | Retail Price $88

The Best ABALONE IN the world

Founded since 1983, TEICO offers the finest luxury products sourced from all round the world. Winner of the World’s Farmed Abalone Award, the extraordinary East Indie Co® was designed from the ground up to embody the elegance and vitality of South Africa for the worldwide market to enjoy.

Our abalone are all hand picked by divers along the pristine clear coast of South Africa Atlantic Ocean partnering with DEBEERS in managing our coast, to ensure minimum pollution to the environment.

We Deliver

We deliver to your doorstep for both consumer and corporate.

Eco Friendly

We deliver to your doorstep for both consumer and corporate.

Always Fresh

All our product are air flown directly from South Africa.

Why is Abalone Such A Delicacy?


  • South Africa Abalone is an acquired, expensive taste, like caviar or truffles.
  • Reared in the pure clear coastal waters of South Africa and fed a diet of natural kelp, South Africa abalone “Haliotis Midae is known for its exquisite taste, texture and colour.

Our Promise

Teico not only guarantees customers receive authentic goods, but also the highest quality products as well. This holds especially true with our unique selection of Chinese delicacies and health products. With the experience we have built over the years, our customers trust that we will introduce them to the proper product for their needs. Our belief in building a long-lasting relationships with our customers has not only been a principle but a cornerstone of our success.

Who Are Our Fans?

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Jamie Chua

Jamie is Singapore Number 1 Socialite and  IG Celebrity with more than 26million views.

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jamie yeo

Jamie Yeo is a TV host, actress, radio DJ and model who is well known in Singapore

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Jonathan Koh

Celebrity chef who worked alongside dozens of Michelin-starred chefs all over the world.

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Harvesting Fine Quality Abalone

Teico South Africa Abalone is the result of over 15 years of research, intensive study, and experiments by the founders of the company. From the outset, the objective was to develop ways to simulate the positive elements of the natural ocean environment in which abalone flourish. The experiments and research led to important findings about abalone habitat, innovations in farm feeding practices, and a patented algae. The system uses a constant supply of pure, cold, nutrient-rich seawater, pumped from a depth of 3,000 feet in the Indian Ocean.

– Arno Jabulani

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The quality of Teico Abalone is highly praised by many chefs and served at many top-end restaurants in Tokyo, Jakarta, Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. The product size ranges from 6 head abalone to 1 head abalone, and is packed in standard 10 kg export cartons.